Our company is offering the following services to Our Clients.:


Business intelligence developments

All that is BI:

mobil BIfrom Excel-integration - through star schema - to data warehouse
from flat file processing - through data loader processes - to OLAP-cubes

report, dashboard, planning, forecast, KPI and scorecard, what-if analysis and business scenarios
self service or mobile BI, data cleaning, online analytics, master data management and Big Data

data mining, decision support, machine learning systems, artificial intelligence and knowledge managementuzleti intelligencia fejlesztesek


DWH, ETL, MDX, SCD, DM, DSS, OLAP and MIS - a lot of meaningful abbreviation

according to Kimball or Inmon, just-in-time or agile


on Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM or even open source Pentaho platform


Infographics / Data visualization


Creating unique infographics and spectacular data visualizations

- with creative design fitting into your design guidelines, as a still image or an animation -

to make your hard data beautiful, and your boring charts become visual experiences.


"A picture is worth a thousand words" - a spectacular infographics or a nice data visualization attracts attention and helps to capture the underlying essence of the numbers.

kotelezo jelentesek

Required Reporting Service


Creating scheduled reporting and their electronical distribution, just like automated generation of regular reports, building of Required Reporting Service


for governamental services, official departments, financial institutes, etc. 

- according to international standards

terkepes adatmegjelenites

Data visualization on interactive maps


Online GIS in a very spectacular form:

geographic related data presentation on GoogleMaps, Microsoft Bing or any other maps


- the unexciting data projected on a map can show such correlations a traditional report is not able

adatbazis fejlesztesekDatabase developments


… and everything else related to databases:

SQL-development, stored procedure, data loading or queries, optimalization, archiving, and so on

from RDBMS, ERP, CRM, or MS Access, from your tailor-made stock management, retail, inventory or accounting software,

or from anything else that contains data.

We extract - process - and present your data

...as you prefer.




webes fejlesztesek

Web development


Websites, portals, microsites, internet and intranet

- with or without CMS -, web GUI, Rich Internet Applications (RIA),

J2EE/Java or Microsoft .NET based complex online systems, other web related developments


concept, wireframe, webdesign and usability, layout, site build, rich content and interactivity,

planning, development and testing, integration and installation - even with operation and support


using Java, .NET - HTML, CSS, PHP or Perl - Flash/AIR, JavaFX, SilverLight, Ruby/Rails, ASP.NET or HTML5 technology - in Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Magnolia, Liferay, Helix platform, just like plain HTML in Notepad as well ;-)

E-commerce systemse-commerce


Webshops and online store systems development - creating product reviews, online catalogues and e-brochures,

building electronic sales channels and digital distribution, integrating to online marketplaces,

e-coupon campaigns, online payment, internet rentals, online streaming, digital right management (DRM)

Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Virtuemart, OScommerce


- or any online interface, where you sell

Mobile developmentsmobil fejlesztesek


Creating mobile applications, commercial or free apps for the most current smartphone systems:



Windows Mobile,

Firefox OS

 - but also as a cross-platform development (HTML5 is our friend)

Online marketingonline marketing


Online creatives

- banners, popups, skyscrapers or interstitials, in animgifs, Flash, HTML5 or anything else

SEO, kereső-, email-, fórum- és közösségi marketing, Google Analytics,  hírlevél sablon tervezés és -készítés, tömeges kiküldés - akár személyre szabottan is -, hírlevélküldő rendszerek, online CRM, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, eTarget és CTnetwork-kampányok készítése és menedzsmentje


...valamint minden más: ami online és ami marketing

Facebook-developmentsFacebook fejlesztesek


Creating and maintaining Facebook-pages,

FB-marketing, making and managing Facebook Ads-campaings,

developing FB-apps, integration of existing sites/applications with Facebook,

access and integration using API, etc.






Special systems developmentkulonleges rendszerek


If you have a non trivial problem, but you don't know what would be the informatic solution for that

- or you are not even sure at all it can be solved with IT.


If you cannot even imagine there can be an imaginable informatic instrument that can help - then that's the right place for you:

we figure it out, explore, design, develop and install it to You - well tested of course.


Even if it doesn't exist yet, and even if it shouldn't exist - according to others...

…give us a chance!



Product and service concept, strategy development and tracking,

assessment, specification, analysis,

product design, user experience,

methodologies, feasibility studies, tendering,

BPM, workflow, PM, QA, etc.

System integrationrendszerintegracio


Service oriented architectures (SOA), application integration (EAI), interconnecting softwares

- using middleware tools or directly, through webservice, ESB, MQ  or special interface,

with XML, IDOC  or EDI

- on WebSphere, WebLogic, NetWeaver or BizTalk

Cloud computingcloud computing


Cloud applications, virtualization, ASP, IaaS/PaaS/SaaS, private cloud

Amazon EC2, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure


- or even on custome made cloud platform

High Availability systemsstrapabiro HA rendszerek


High availabilty and high enduring architectures:

fault-tolerant, redundant, secure, scalable, clusterized, disaster tolerant or distributed systems


- with BCP or DRP, and using hot or cold backup as it is needed,

with performance tuning, and everything else you require

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